Selfie Booth

We wanted to add a photo booth that fit into our brand. We wanted something quality, fun, easy to use, and doesn’t take up a lot of space for our guest. This is it! The Selfie Booth is something that incorporates a Photo Booth and allows guest to have photos sent directly to their phone via text!

We love it because it can be used at numerous events from your corporate event, to a high school prom, or even a Bridal Shower. It can stand alone or be paired with one of our flower walls as shown below.

Not only does it take photos, but guest also have the option to take gif/boomerang clips! This is a favorite to add at wedding receptions! When the event is over, guest get to check out the full gallery of clips and photos taken on the Selfie Booth from their phone!

Contact us to book the Selfie Booth for your next event!